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We Wear Pink

We Wear Pink



Blouse: H&M Pants: Similar at Macy’s Purse: H&M Watch: Nixon  Poncho: Forever21 Bracelets: H&M Shoes: Call It Spring

Pink is the new Black? Yes, I think so! Pink is a great color that complements our paling skin during the winter and works well as we transition into the Spring and Summer. But please note that I’m talking about a nice pale or powder pink, not obnoxious neon pink (spare my eyes the pain, and yourself the embarrassment). You can slay this color wearing just about anything, and you can keep wearing your favorite pieces all the way through spring. This series of posts is dedicated to women and Women’s History, especially being that pink is a color associated with femininity. Pink is also thought to be the color of universal love of oneself and of others. Follow me the next few weeks as I show you the different ways I’m pinking it out this Woman’s History Month.

This first look is a sleek look that you can wear to church, the office, or a business casual interview. Here, I’m wearing high-waisted black dress pants, a blush button up, and gray heels. I love this look because it’s easy to style and even more comfortable. You can also switch up the top or bottoms for certain occasions. For example, with Easter just around the corner, this could make an amazing church or brunch outfit. Simply swap the black pants for white pants, and just like that you’re serving Easter Bunny teas. My jewelry is pretty much my basic go tos. I’m wearing my rose gold Nixon watch, and a pink/red/gold bracelet set, and a big black purse.

Look out next week for post #2 of We Wear Pink!

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