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We Wear Pink III

We Wear Pink III

Boots: Boohoo

Welcome to the finale of We Wear Pink!

This week’s look is exactly the same as last week’s, with the exception of the shiny shoes and change of scenery.

Let me just tell you, these boots are SHOWSTOPPERS! If you think they’re bright in pictures, they’re blinding in person. I purchased these babies back in December from Boohoo and made good use of them during the holiday season. But shoes this bad can’t sit around collecting dust till next Christmas, so here they are! These shoes can take any outfit from subtle to slay, so sis, don’t play! For a girls night on the town, pair these with your favorite skirt/jeans and leather jacket combo and you’re good to go. Just be ready for all the comments about your shoes.

As cute as these shoes are, I gotta be honest with you, they will scar you if you don’t take precautionary measures. The first time I wore these, they scratcheeeeeeddddd up my legs and I am literally still trying to get rid of the scars/dark marks. Whoever designed the shoe thought it was a bright idea to put the sequins/glitter on the top of the inside as well, so make sure you wear at least a thin sock to protect yourself from the friction. On the bright side, the shoes have a thick heel on them so they are easy to walk in. If you’re interested in buying, they are currently on sale for $32 (originally $72).

I hope you guys have enjoyed this We Wear Pink series! Comment your favorite look below! Till next time!



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