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We Wear Pink II

We Wear Pink II

Dress: American Apparel Shoes: Nordstrom Jacket: Boohoo Watch: Nixon  Bracelets: H&M


Pink is back and so am I! Welcome to WE WEAR PINK II!

This week’s look is a little more casual but still a ton of fun. Some think it’s tacky to wear dresses with sneakers, and I agree to an extent, but there are always exceptions. Here, I am wearing Adia, a pink shift dress from American Apparel, which I got on sale late last summer. My shoes are Nike AirMax Thea SE in rose gold, which I purchased from Nordstrom, but it doesn’t seem to be available on any reliable site as of now (sorry). Because it’s still a bit cold here in Maryland, I decided to layer my dress with a white waterfall jacket from Boohoo, and yes sis, I got it on sale! My accessories are the same as the ones in We Wear Pink, so make sure you check that out!

I love this look because it’s simple, easy, comfortable, and stylish. I would probably wear this to class on a day that I have a bit more time to get dressed, shopping in D.C., or even on a casual date. Although 2/3 pieces of this look are currently unavailable, I’m sure you can find easy substitutes, and achieve this look as well.

Next week, tune in to see how I switched up this same look for a different occasion.

Till next time!





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  1. Fei Mancho says:

    Literally my mood for the summer time, FUN DRESSES WITH SNEAKERS ! love this post bimps❤

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