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Cont. 10 Things I Learned in College

Cont. 10 Things I Learned in College

Welcome back! This week, I have the last 5/10 things I learned in college. If you haven’t already check out the first 5 here!

6. You’re real friends will reveal themselves. College is a time when friends and associates are in abundance. Those you refer to as friends should (pay close atoltention to the word should) always have your best interest at heart. People tend to have this misconception that your friends are supposed to support everything you do. Personally, I believe a person that does this is an enemy. Your friends need to be comfortable checking you for making foolish decisions, ie. going out the night before an exam, texting the guy everyone knows is for everybody etc. Your real friends will be the ones that set an alarm to remind themselves to wake you up to study, the ones that remind you to eat, and most importantly, the ones that remind you who you are and why you’re doing what you do.

Personal tip: I encourage you to make the friends that you study with the same friends you party with. As crazy as it sounds, it actually makes sense. Having a group of study buddies and a separate group of party partners will always create a tug of war; one circle will beg you to study while the other begs you to hit the bars. Keeping one group of friends for both creates a balance because everyone has an understanding that when it’s time to study, it’s time to study, and when it’s time to party…well you better turn up!

7. Your ability to be a good friend will reveal itself. Above, you’ve seen how to decipher who is a good friend to you, but how do you determine if you’re a good friend in return? Friendship is a two-way street and requires the engagement of both parties. I think during my last two years I realized that as a good friend, I couldn’t only do for others so they could do for me. I had to take myself to a selfless place and do for them out of the love I have for them. Additionally, I learned how to be genuinely happy for my friends in their accomplishments. Sometimes my friends would get better grades than I, get higher paying internships, and/or be in great relationships. I learned to see their successes as my successes. I now brag about my friends accomplishments like they are my own personal accomplishments.

8. This too shall pass. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a current student, or are just entering college, you have already or will soon learn that life is one battle after the other. For me, I stressed about getting into UMD. After I was accepted and started my first semester in Spring 14, the next stress was getting into my major. Once in my major, if it wasn’t an internship, it was an exam, a group project, or an assignment. In the moment of dealing with each challenge I would literally tell myself *insert Joseline meme* “I ken nahhh”. Then as I walked out the exam or submitted the assignment, I was onto the next thing. I think this is one of those lessons that are great to learn in college but are imperative to take along with you post grad. Whatever situation you are in, realize that it is only temporary and will soon pass.

9. Self-discipline is self-taught. In high school, your teachers were constantly breathing down your back to make sure your work was done, administrators called your parents when you didn’t go to school, and your parents forced you to clean your room. As you have or will learn, that all comes to an abrupt end. Attending class becomes optional, remembering that an assignment is due becomes your personal responsibility, and cleaning up after yourself is left to your own discretion. With so much new found freedom, it’s is easy to slip up. College is that time when you have to teach yourself how to live for yourself without the direction of other people.

10. If you can believe in your Mascot, you can believe in God. UMD during finals season is a whole mess. People go days without showering, eating, or sleeping. As you pass McKeldin Library, you’ll find that in front of our mascot, Testudo, people have sacrificed anything from M&M’s to flat screen TVs. You’ll also see that people are rubbing Testudo’s nose for good luck. While I have rubbed Testudo’s nose a few times, I find that there is a much higher power to place my hope in during finals. During a time of such high stress, my prayers are on repeat and volume on loud. Just to give you a brief example of how real my God is, I’ll tell you a quick story.

One semester, I was taking a plant science class and needed an A for the sake of my GPA. A few weeks before finals, I went to speak to my professor and he told me if I did all the extra credit and got at least a 96% on the exam, I would get an A in the class. The morning of the exam, my mom calls me to pray for me and prayed that “whatever grade [I] need on this exam is the grade [I’ll] get”. A few hours after the exam, grades were entered and just know your girl got that 96% on that exam. Won’t he do it!!

Now I’m not saying you can’t participate in school traditions, but make sure you’re realistic. Remember that God has been working miracles longer than your school has been founded, longer than your mascot has been around, and that he is REAL!

Congratulations to the class of 2017! I wish you all the best of luck in your next pursuits! Have any lessons you’d like to share? Comment them below!

Thank you so much for reading! See you next week with a new style post!

As always,



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2 responses to “Cont. 10 Things I Learned in College”

  1. Chiamaka says:

    Loved the article, especially #10!! Could you also give tips on how to get a job right after college or on how to get into grad/professional school? Congrats on graduating!

    • aolaniya says:

      Hi Chiamaka,

      Thanks so much for reading!

      As of now, I’m not sure I’m the most equipped to do a whole post on how to get a job or how to get into grad school! But I will share with you a few tips that I have.

      First, how you go about getting a job is really dependent on your major and the type of industry you want to go into post grad. For business majors, life is fairly simple as many companies are looking for fresh ideas and people. If you’re in a science, like Biology for example, most jobs require some experience. So make sure you talk to some people in your desired field who are a few years out of college. Second, make sure you start applying early. It’s better to secure you’re job or admittance to school early on when the “gates” are just opening rather than when they’re getting ready to close. Third, utilize campus resources. Go to the career center for resume help, and go to career fairs. Even if you don’t like the opportunities you see at career fairs, it gives you a hint into what to expect with an opportunity you may actually like. As far as grad school is concerned, I cant speak too much on it, given that I haven’t found the energy to start applying, but I’ll keep you posted when I do.

      Thank you so much for reading! I hope this helps. Good luck with your job search, and keep me posted!


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