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Blogmas: Challenge Accepted

Blogmas: Challenge Accepted

Hi Loves, long time no talk, but I’m happy you’re here!

A friend of mine, challenged me to write one post a week for Christmas, but me being me am of course late.

As I write this post, I am sitting under the dryer thinking about the number of things on my mental to-do list that I did not complete this weekend. During this time of the year, most people are drafting up rather lengthy new years resolutions that they will forget about before the big ball even drops on New Year’s Eve. Rather than making unrealistic goals that are quickly forgotten and almost impossible to achieve, I’ve decided to start making some small changes that I hope will make a big difference.

So to keep my spirits up and my life in order, for the 10th day of Christmas, I have decided to create a 10 day challenge for myself. I hope to keep my followers updated on my progress via Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (Inspiration_B) on all accounts in case you don’t follow me).

The 10 things on my 10 day challenge are as follows:

  1. Work out at least every other day (or 5 days in total).
  2. Read from the scriptures everyday (I’ll be reading the Bible).
  3. Do at least 1 face mask.
  4. Don’t curse for a whole day.
  5. Do something fun with a friend.
  6. Give an old friend a call.
  7. Eat breakfast everyday,
  8. Finish a book you’ve been procrastinating.
  9. Watch tutorials relevant to your interest.
  10. Watch a Christmas movie.

This challenge, more than anything, is a way of me pushing myself to do better with my life…lol…but seriously. As much as I’d love for others to join me, if you don’t think you can commit to this challenge, create your own and keep me updated on  how it goes.

If you’d like to see my friend’s first post for Christmas on how and where she scored (or should I say scammed, lol) some great beauty samples, go ahead and click here.

Thanks so much for reading and goodluck!



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4 responses to “Blogmas: Challenge Accepted”

  1. Biola A. says:

    Simple, yet effective. Love it!

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