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As The Leaves Fall

As The Leaves Fall

Hey you! Welcome back, and if this is your first time here, thanks for joining us!

Blouse: H&M Pants: Similar at Forever 21 Purse: New York & Co. 
Photos By: Wole Adedapo

Here in Maryland, it is the first Wednesday of the Fall season, but we are somehow experiencing nearly 90 degree weather. While we wait for things to cool off, I thought I’d provide you with a simple yet fun Fall look.

I thought about making this a post simply about the outfit, but with the seasons changing and just life happening, I decided strongly against it. While I hope this helps one of you, I am also speaking to and challenging myself. Enjoy!

Fall happens to be my favorite season, but for a number of reasons. While I’m not a crazy fan of all things pumpkin flavored, I love fall fashion, the colors and aesthetic of the environment, and just being able to stay in and not be judged about it. But most of all, I love Fall because for me, it is really a time of reflection and planning.

As the colors on the leaves start to change, I can’t help but to think about how I have changed in the last few months. What colors of myself do I admire most, and which do I tend to look over? Which stand out the most, and which need a little more attention? What can I do so that by this time next year I can fully embody the colors that I aspire to be? If you still haven’t caught on, colors as they reference a person are habits, characteristics, behaviors, ideals, etc. Many times we wonder why certain circumstances in our lives are not changing, yet we are coloring a picture with different shades of the same color. During the Fall, we can literally see that as seasons change (both environmental and circumstantial), colors must as well; we can see the leaves go from green to beautiful shades of orange, red, and yellow.

As we transitioned from Spring to Summer, and now from Summer to Winter, I think it’s important that we acknowledge that this change does not happen instantaneously. Although we may give dates for the official start of a season, we don’t wake up on September 23rd, for example, and automatically notice it feels like fall. I think it’s critical that we keep the same mentality in our lives. We sometimes have to set a date, or there may be an instance when you realize that a change needs to be made, but we cannot expect to wake up the next day and the change be noticeable. It takes time for our situations to change, just as it takes time for the weather to.

Although Fall will soon become a bitter winter, at least here in Maryland, I try not to think of it that way. When the leaves are falling, often times like situations in our lives, are we just throwing them in a bag and waiting for someone to come pick them off from the curb, or are we really understanding that it is just part of the cycle? Similar to many situations in our lives, the leaves fall, and while it may hurt and be hard to understand for some time, we have to trust the process and know that it is temporary and before we know it fresh flowers will Blossom to replace the fallen leaves. While it may seem that the situation is bleak, enjoy those motions. Take time to observe the way the leaves hit the ground. Enjoy the time you spend thinking about how things once were, but most importantly enjoying planning how you will pick yourself up.

Sometimes life may look like it is at a standstill, but trust that just like time, it keeps moving and you must to.

Till next time!



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