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10 Things I Learned in College

10 Things I Learned in College

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been inconsistent in posting the last few weeks, but I’ve been busy with…well…life. No worries though, I’m back and ready to roll!

As previously mentioned, I’ve been pretty busy, and one of the biggest consumers of my time was graduation. I just graduated from the University of Maryland College Park, Robert H. Smith School of Business, and yes I am pressed! So to celebrate my graduation and also encourage those who are just starting college or still pushing their way through, I decided to make a list of 10 Things I Learned in College.

1. Motivation is personal. For some people, the idea of getting a degree is not enough to keep them going, and that’s perfectly fine. For me I found that my motivation stemmed from my mom and my future. Whenever I wanted to sleep instead of study, I had to tell myself that my mom does not work as hard as she does for me to bring home mediocre grades, and that was enough to push me through a number of all-nighters. When my mom wasn’t enough motivation for me, I thought about the future I want for myself. I knew that I wanted a beautifully decorated home, nice clothes, and the ability to take vacations with my future husband and children. Although I did waste a lot of time day dreaming about my chocolate husband, the idea of the future I had to look forward to kept me going. Now don’t start daydreaming about my man, but find what motivates you and let it lead you…even if it’s just one step forward.

2. Take time for yourself. Personally, I think college is the busiest time in an individual’s life. Between class, studying, work, internships, extracurricular activities, social life, and sleep, it seems nearly impossible to find time for yourself. At one point I put everything else before myself and quickly began to lose my mind. To gain back control, I started doing small things I enjoyed that let me have time to myself. It was as little as a walk to the campus shop to grab myself a snickers, or burning one of my favorite candles (although not allowed) while laying on my bed enjoying the aroma.

3. It’s okay to say no. This is the lesson of all lessons to learn. Everyone will ask you for anything they think you will do and even the things they know you cant. If you choose to say yes to all these things, you will immediately rule out any possibility of lesson 2, taking time for yourself. If you know you already have a lot on your plate, learn to say no and be unapologetic about it. When your mom asks you to come home every day, say no. When your roommate asks to use the last bit of your laundry detergent, say no. When your group mate asks you to take on an additional assignment, say no. When your friend asks you to come to the day party at the Enclave knowing you have an exam on Monday, say no. NO!

4. Learn to admire others. Learning to admire others is an experience in itself. You not only humble yourself, but also encourage yourself to do better. This was a great key to my success in college. When I transferred to UMD I saw so many people doing so much and was underwhelmed with myself. Seeing people in difficult majors make time to be on eboards, have internships, dance on teams, play instruments, do community service, have amazing GPA’s and still be able to maintain a social life was inspiring to me. To learn the secret to their success, I asked questions and adjusted myself according to their answers and my own abilities. Now I’m not telling you to make yourself a replica of this person, but pick and choose the things you like about them and make it your own!

5. Don’t compare yourself to others. This may seem to be a direct contradiction of number 4, but hear me out. To compare yourself to others is to say that you are better or worse than that person, and to me that just seems unfair. More times than not, you are going to see yourself as being worse that the person you are comparing yourself to, which is terrible for your self-esteem. College has taught me that there are some things that you’ll be good at and some things you’ll be bad at. But that doesn’t mean that you are less deserving of all life has to give. Joche from down the hall might be great at statistics, and you might be great at microeconomics. Comparing yourself to the mathematician down the hall will always leave you feeling short.  Learn what you are good at and be better than it today than you were yesterday.

Thanks so much for reading, and make sure you check back next week for the last 5 lessons I learned in college!

As always,



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2 responses to “10 Things I Learned in College”

  1. Sadia says:

    I’m in the Smith School of Business right now! Could you maybe make a blog post on your experience there, hardest classes, best teachers, what clubs you liked, and how to get an internship? I know a lot of people get jobs right after coming out of the School of Business, I was also wondering if you got one? And if so, HOW lmao. Thanks!!

  2. aolaniya says:

    Hi Sadia,

    I’m happy to see a fellow Smith member on here! If you’d like to talk more in depth about the Smith school, I’d be more than happy to follow up with you via email or maybe even in person, mainly because a blog post of that nature would be far too long. Haha.

    But just to answer some of your questions, try to join BBA, NABA, a club with your major (i.e Supply Chain Management Society), and of course other orgs on campus that you are truly interested in (I did ASA and MasTERPiece).

    As far as internships, always apply early. If you are looking to have an internship in the fall, you should be applying now! A great resource to use is https://www.rhsmith.umd.edu/office-career-services/hiresmith, which helped me out a a lot once I finally figured out how to use it. Also don’t be scared to ask small business owners that you know if you can intern for them, even if its just for a couple hours and even if it may be for free (don’t do more than 1 unpaid internship). I think my advice for post grad jobs are the same.

    Yes, I do have a job! I actually started last Monday and am enjoying adulting so far.

    I hope this helps! Thanks so much for visiting, hope you come back soon!


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